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The present and the already visible and calculated future transform, whether we want it or not, our days; therefore, the eating culture, i.e. gastronomy, one of the most important joys on earth, is also transforming. Many talk about gastro-revolution, but we see exciting and responsible tasks: work, service, research and development and innovative challenges. We give answers to today’s people for the implementation of quick, saving, delicious and healthy nutrition taking the proper energy intake into account. In our accelerated world time and health are the most precious and comfort is for everybody. Our mission is to serve today’s people with the technology of tomorrow and we do not know any compromise in original flavours.

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Boccacini - The gourmet snack

Modern solution from the team of Food Universum for today’s people
I. The Concept

We take the courage to introduce an innovation having harmonic composition and implementing modern nutrition directives in the field of street foods, where no real novelty has appeared for several decades. This is the product family Boccacini where we offer real quality to you at customer-friendly prices.

To achieve all the aforesaid goals, we have implemented an innovation development where our products with unique composition are manufactured with a novel manufacturing procedure on a production line designed on our own, maintaining high-standard digitalised food safety. We have achieved the goal set: the Boccacini products are able to preserve the positive features and the most characteristic physiological effects of their components, ensuring for you this way the consumption of the most appropriated proportions of the nutritive value.

The fundamental essence of the composition is adding 40 grams of real vegetables matching the nature of the product to 60 grams of real meat. For the products manufactured from these components we offer natural vegetable- or fruit-based sauces. We only use an easy-to-digest thin coat of breadcrumbs to the extent that is necessary to enhance the culinary value with a crispy bite experience in addition to the proper intake of slowly absorbing hydrocarbons.

In the course of compiling our foods we pay great attention to keeping the proper proportions. We have created our products with excellent quality along the most modern nutrition recommendations, taking care of YOU, our customers, by this, too. The products are completely free from food colours and flavour enhancers.

Our concept helps you eat foods made of meat together with most vegetable fibres and rich intake of mineral materials and vitamins, possibly excluding additives completely.

Those with little children, attention: we safely recommend Boccacini for raising a new and health-conscious generation!

II. What does Boccacini offer to meat eaters?

In addition to our standard products, we offer gourmet sausage with Hungarian flavouring and chicken meat and ćevapi of the Balkan.

Our master cooks have prepared these products of incomparably harmonic flavour by adding the most proper types of meat. When preparing the products, the preservation of the most natural and fullest physiological effects is ensured by our special technologies.

III. Our sauces

Traditional sauces, dressings and canning industrial preparations have become dull for us already. In many cases not the flavour of the food is determinant but that of the preparations that can be found in every household and street food products already. We wanted something else and, therefore, do give something else.

The piquant apple chutney, the onion marmalade with beetroot, the hot tomato salsa or the fruit- and vegetable-based sauce combinations arriving in the next generations bring real flavours in your everyday nutrition. Combine our sauces with either product – the flavour experience is guaranteed. By the combination of the different sauces you can satisfy culinary desires. All our sauces are, of course, free of food colours and flavour enhancers. The high fibre content of our sauces contributes to the optimal operation of the digestive system.

IV. Vegetarians and persons sensitive to lactose and gluten

We also take care of you as our polenta with sheep’s cottage cheese and our vegetable balls offer tasty solutions to you. According to our guideline philosophy, we need to give gourmet flavours at friendly prices to vegetarians, too, but we offer these products for fine-toothed meat eaters, as well, to try.

V. Fresh roasting is beyond compare

Boccacini, the gourmet snack, is in your hands and consumable in maximum 2 minutes from ordering. The mini snacks get quickly roasted through and the quick roasting guarantees that the original flavours remain enclosed within the product. At the same time, after a couple of seconds the snacks quickly become consumable and it is unimaginable that they burn your mouth. The combination of the cold sauces and the crispy warm products give a fantastic taste experience.

The consumption of Boccacini helps both adults and children chew and eat in the proper rhythm as you can dip the snacks in the sauce one by one, giving by this the rhythm of the otherwise appropriate nutrition intake. In this way you cannot eat too quickly and you enjoy the flavours better and the feeling of satiety will be much greater.

We paid great attention to the development of the small ergonomic takeaway plate. Its entire design with the inner sauce-pocket prevents you even on the move from spilling your food or letting it drip on you.

The place of street food in the proper daily intake of nutrients means one occasion out of the recommended five meals a day. We should not mix up street food with devouring in a fast-food restaurant. For a man on the move the recommended daily quantity of street food energy intake is approximately 140 grams meaning an average of 400 to 500 calories. At us both portions and prices are optimal.

Boccacini is our love and we make you happy with it!

Beeep! - Snap your finger at cooking

Excellent meals from the Chefs for you

In today’s hustling world everybody would like to eat quickly, comfortably, health-consciously, at considerate prices and consuming tasty meals.

We have examined and considered thoroughly the possibilities available for today’s consumers wishing to have warm, ready-to-eat meals either at their workplaces or at home, whether they are bread-winners, mothers, pensioners or youths overstrained with learning.

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We have dreamed and created a new world. In this world a team of five-star master chefs compose the tasty dishes of restaurant quality, free from added flavour enhancers and preservatives and made from quality base materials. Our food production engineers constructed the most modern manufacturing processes representing high-level hygienic and food safety. In addition to the aforesaid we put a super fast cooking tunnel into operation based on a Swedish world patent and to the recipe of the good manufacturing practice we added the support of six different world-standard suppliers from the standard professional fields of automation and process quality.

Out secret is simplicity and naturalness. There is no need for food colours, preservatives and flavour enhancers and there is no need for overdosing salt and sugar, either. We do nothing else but add the professionalism of our own masters, engineers and supportive external partners to the base materials of good quality. In our technology even the vacuum is natural and our foods produced one by one on one tray, i.e. the creations of the master chefs, are masterpieces created for you both in their flavours, colours and physical properties.

This is why it is possible that our cooled ready-to-eat meals keep their flavours and structures fresh for weeks even if you store them at home in your own refrigerator. You can conjure a hot meal in minutes anytime and if you accidentally do not get home in time or if you travel away, you will not have to throw the food away even one or two weeks later because it keeps all of its positive properties for 30 days. “Cooking” is child’s-play for you because the valve on the top of the packing signals for you with a loud whistling sound when your meal is completely warm and ready to eat. This unique patent does not only simplify use but ensures perfect and even warming for your meal. It is exactly the whistling sound why we market this product family under the brand name BEEEP!

And it is perfectly natural that in our diverse selection of meals we follow the meat and vegetable proportions corresponding to the “smart plate” and, thanks to this, we offer light and easy-to-digest foods with high vegetable fibre and vitamin content in optimal portions to the consumers of the modern age.

Beeep - Food Universum
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Automatic restaurants

I. We bring the restaurant to your doorstep – open round the clock

It is a quick, comfortable and intelligent solution day and night so that you can buy ready-to-eat meals of good quality. We offer our automatic ready-to-eat stores for office buildings, institutions, residential communities, workplaces and everywhere where in this time lacking world we can serve chased and rushing people.

At Food Universum our idea is to bring our modern and tasty self-produced ready-to-eat meals to you by means of a unique and direct commercial method. The accelerated pace of life and the circumstances of the constantly changing world have generated new consumer demands that we satisfy by taking the restaurant to your doorstep. Yes, you do have the right to get quality ready-to-eat food easily, quickly and simply where you live, work or manage your things.

We wish to sell our quality products in a quality manner. Its device belonging to the newest generation is our automatic store called Evolution EV8 purchased from a Japanese and Italian coproduction. We do not call it a food dispensing machine because many people have bad memories about the outdated generations of snack and beverage machines eating their money. Our stores do not eat your money because payment is done with bankcards or by the system’s own club cards. This is really such a new-generation automatic store in all of its parts where you can buy quickly with simple payment methods and you can take your product comfortably at the height of a table.

From our automatic restaurants you can only and exclusively buy the range of meals produced by Food Universum, so if you wish to have real quality you cannot make a mistake here. We always offer at least ten kinds of ready-to-eat meals with a product selection renewed every other week. We can complete our own products according to the demands with some kinds of beverages but strictly only in line with our quality policy, i.e. with drinks produced PURELY AND NATURALLY.

Our automatic stores also with their appearance represent the safety of users that serves, in addition to the comfort of customers, a controlled selling technology easy to follow. Our restaurants are in online internet connection with the computers of our central quality control system, so we can permanently supervise the proper storage temperature and manage the problems arising out of possible technical defects. Our customer service available round the clock give immediate assistance to our customers on the telephone in respect of any questions helping buying.

II. Ask for a club card

If your minor child does not have a club card yet or you simply would like to separate your Food Universum shopping, ask for a club card! Cards and information materials can be requested at the following e-mail address:


Do you have more questions? Contact us at any of the following availabilities!